5 Ukulele tips

5 Ukulele tips
May 10, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide
  1. Your uke should rest in the crook of your strumming arm and rest against your chest or waist. If you’re holding your uke correctly you will be able to remove both hands and the instrument won’t move.
  2. When you first learn to read ukulele tablature, remember that each tab will have numbers scattered throughout. The numbers on the lines refer to the fret that should be fingered on that specific string.
  3. When learning to play barre chords, try placing your middle finger on top of your index finger to apply the right amount of pressure against the strings.
  4. Start out slow while you’re getting down the basics. Rushing through will take more time to correct later down the road.
  5. You can challenge yourself by playing with other uke-sters that are just a little bit better than you. This will push you to keep up, but also help you learn new tricks and songs.

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