Amazing Slow Downer

Amazing Slow Downer
December 2, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

We all live in an increasingly fast world. Sometimes it would do us good to put the breaks on and slow down a little. The same applies to music. As musicians we really want to tune into a piece of music and hear the individual sections. This helps us with our own playing. However sometimes it can be difficult to really hear the nitty gritty in faster playing pieces. This is where our Amazing Slow Downer comes in handy.

slow downer

It is not hard to guess what it does, basically repeating any section of music, but much slower. You can change the speed down to 25% of the original track , giving you time to process what is really happening in the music. You can also speed the music up by 200%, although I am not sure what that is really useful for. You will be surprised to learn that the pitch and quality of the piece is not affected and you could also set the playback on a seamless loop, allowing you plenty time to practice. This is ideal for any budding musicians and works with iPhones and iPads.

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