Beanie Headphone Hat

Beanie Headphone Hat
February 9, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

We might have managed to fight the way through those January blues but the month of February can still be a little bleak. So what is a better way to lighten the mood on a cold February morning than listening to your favourite tunes. Unfortunately we have all battled with keeping the earphones in our ears as we stroll along but worry no longer, help is at hand.

The iHat is guaranteed to solve all your problems. The hat has speakers on both sides for great sound and great comfort. A cable runs down the back of the hat and into your device which can be anything from an iPod, MP3 player or even an old style walkman.

The hat is cosy and warm and furthermore there is no scrambling every morning to try and untangle your headphones.

The iHat – Knitted Benie Headphone hat is available from – click here to visit the page.