Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

Beginner Guitar Lessons Online – Should You Start With An Acoustic Or Electric Guitar?

Beginner guitar lessons online are a great way to decide whether this is the right instrument for you. Not only can you learn at a time that is convenient for you, but you can go at your own pace too. But, before taking guitar online music lessons, you will need to acquire a guitar, and the first decision is whether to choose an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

There is no right or wrong decision when choosing a type of guitar. It all depends on what is right for your situation. Nevertheless, most people do tend to start off with an acoustic guitar, and there are numerous reasons why this is the case. Firstly, acoustic guitars are cheaper than electric guitars, making them ideal for those who don’t know if they will stick with the instrument. Moreover, you do not need to purchase any additional equipment for your acoustic guitar. However, the same cannot be said for electric guitars, where you will need an amplifier. The only things you will need are a few picks and a tuner. This is also the perfect choice for classical and folk music, yet it can be used for all genres. One thing that is worth noting, though, is that playing the strings can be harder on the fingers, making it a bit more painful. On the other hand, electric guitars are easier on the fingers and ideal for those who ultimately want to play metal or rock. You will also get a much broader palette of sounds from this type of guitar.

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