Beginner Piano Lessons Online

Beginner Piano Lessons Online – Familiarising Yourself With The Piano

Beginner piano lessons online are available for those who have no prior experience in playing the piano but would like to give it a try. Nevertheless, before you take any online music lessons, you need to get to grips with the piano itself. Read on to discover more.

The main thing you obviously need to familiarise yourself with is the keys. After all, the keyboard is the most important part of your learning. If you look at the keyboard, you will see white and black keys that run from left to white. They do not alternative white-black-white-black. There is actually a pattern that is made of five black keys and seven white keys in a certain order. An interval is formed from the beginning of one set of keys and the ending, which is on the beginning of the next set. This is called an ‘octave’, which is simply a type of interval; this being the musical distance between two sounds. In addition to this, it is important to note that the highest keys are on the right and the lowest on the left. If you start at the left side, every key is a half step higher than the one before it. Thus, you need to go up or down two half steps to make a full step. You simply need to practise a bit to get to grips with these intervals. You should then try other intervals so you can hear the difference in sound.

Take the first step to becoming an expert piano player today with beginner online piano lessons. Learn Music Guide can help you to get started. We have gathered all of the resources, online piano lessons and equipment you need. You can also choose from a whole host of other instruments if you decide the piano is not for you. Head to to discover more.