Ben to Berklee

Ben to Berklee
April 6, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

At just three Ben was diagnosed with severe Autism. Doctors told his family he would probably never talk or be capable of love, and that he may need to be later institutionalised.

But his family were determined not to make Autism prevent him from achieving anything in life, so they put Ben through full-time therapy when he was five. During his therapy sessions Ben indicated that his interest was in music. The family arranged for piano lessons and a spiralling story of triumph over adversity followed. Ben gained more confidence with his music and demonstrated exceptional talent.



Ben used his talents throughout high school at the Denver School of the Arts. But some thought he still wouldn’t go to college.

That is until Ben was accepted to the Berklee School of Music, a prestigious college in Boston, USA. The only problem was Ben’s family had spent his college fund on therapy for him. Ben, and his family, campaigned to raise money and Ben even made a CD to help fund his college course.

Berklee School of Music were so touched by the story they eventually offered him a four year scholarship.

Ben Jenkins’s Story: Autism, Talent and Obstacles