Best Online Harmonica Lessons

Best Online Harmonica Lessons – What You Need To Know Before Buying A Harmonica

Best online harmonica lessons are a must if you are to master this instrument. Nevertheless, before you can get started you are going to need to purchase a harmonica. If you are just a beginner, read on to discover more about the various harmonica components and their characteristics.

Let’s begin with the main part of the instrument, which is the comb. It gets its name because it is laid out like a comb, with the reeds covered by air chambers. Combs can be made out of different materials, and thus it is important to know about this before you begin your online music lessons. The main options are plastic, metal and wood. Plastic is the most popular choice because it is friendly on the lips and it is easy to maintain. Nevertheless, it can crack after time. Metal is an expensive choice. The comb is usually made from stainless steel and aluminium. While it does not experience wear easily, it can corrode. Finally, wood produces a warmer sound than the other options. Naturally, it is sensitive to liquids such as saliva, and thus this is something you need to bear in mind. The other component you need to know about before you take harmonica lessons online is the cover plate. This is where the acoustic noise is produced, and the sound resonates here. You can go for a closed design, which has a louder tone; and the other option is the traditional open cover design. These are nailed or screwed into place and made of plastic or metal.

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