Big Fish Little Fish

Big Fish Little Fish
December 4, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

big fish little fish logoCalling on all nineties dance music lovers to grab your glow sicks and run off to a rave…..and don’t forget the kids! Life is a 2-4 hour party people and we are inviting your entire family to get involved. If you have not yet heard of this latest craze to be sweeping the nation then you need to get down with the kids, literally. Big Fish Little Fish put on family raves which take place within an easy to reach city centre location.

big fish little fish rave pictures

The idea is to bring the whole family together to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to the back drop of 90s club anthems. What can you expect? DJs, light installations, hula hoop competitions, face painting, chill out zones, bubble machines, glitter cannons….the list goes on and on. Log on to the site to find an event near you.

Find out more by visiting the Big Fish Little Fish website.

Have you been to one before? Or perhaps you’ve been to a similar ‘family friendly’ rave?

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  • Claire Collier

    What a great idea, sure it could also work for the 70’s and 80’s as well!!

  • Derek Anchan

    A rave party invite with music from the 90s; now that’s what I’d call an innovative arrangement. Kids can enjoy their bubble machines, while adults can chill out to music they grew up with. It’s going to be one big party with so many kids having fun. I wish I could join the party as well.