Breaking down the wall

Breaking down the wall
January 4, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

This little snippet is designed to enthuse and motivate musicians who feel they are hitting a brick wall and just can’t succeed. We have all been there. We are learning an instrument when somehow we just seem to plateau.

We can’t seem to further our skill, no matter how hard we try and then we get frustrated. So just to motivate you here are three examples of musicians who reached international recognition and defied the odds.

bill withers

Bill Withers, an iconic legend, know for great hits such as “Ain’t No Sunshine”. But who knew that he was a chronic stutter until the age of 28! The stuttering majorly affected his confidence to speak in public but somehow he found a way through and found his place as an incredibly successful R & B singer.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder hardly needs an introduction or an explanation. We all know that his sight was damaged at birth but this did not prevent him from learning not one, but several instruments. So next time you are struggling , imagine how difficult it would be to do whilst blind.

Rick Allen

Rick Allen of Def Leopard was involved in a serious car accident in 1984 and lost his arm. As a drummer he believed his career was over. But with a little encouragement and an adapted drum kit, he is still touring!

Have you needed to break down a wall to succeed? Or are you currently defying the odds in order to learn an instrument? Let us know in the comments below.