Britney does Carpool

Britney does Carpool
September 12, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

James Corden is enjoying unlimited success across the pond and although we do not actually know him personally, we feel it could not happen to a nicer fella! Carpool Karaoke is just one way he is making a name for himself over in the states.

For the uninitiated, Carpool Karaoke is basically where a famous person, Adele, Mariah, Elton, climb into Corden’s car and sing to the radio as they go along, just like you do with your BFF! Not one to shy away from the big names he has also had Michelle Obama in the car!

This week was the long awaited turn of Britney, we knew it was happening but it did seem too good to be true!

Naturally opening with number on hit “Oops I did it again” …Corden asked Britney what the song was actually about! Unable to tell us, Corden suggested that it was the motto used by himself when he ordered a Dominoes Pizza!

Amazingly Britney seems to know all her lyrics back to front and not a mime in sight.

If you have not yet seen a Carpool clip we suggested you check it out. It is better than it sounds…

Supporting the theory that Carpool is where the fun is at, a recent report suggests that a group of giggly teenagers recently kidnapped James Corden and made him get in their car , just like he does with the celebs.

James did not seem to be too shaken up by the incident, which happened in London over the summer.

Of course we have also watched “Drop The Mic” on the star’s Late Late Show! Drop The Mic is a tongue in cheek rap battle. Perhaps the best in the series features Friend’s star David Schwimmer! Hurling the insults he rapped:

“A Brit In America’s your only claim to fame. We all know as an actor your roles were all the same. The heavy best friend, the humorous sidekick, with belly so big you can’t find your own…Dickens, the author we all read as kids, he’s British like you but people know who he is”

Admittedly, it has been rehearsed but this does not detract form the comedy. Love him or hate him, James Corden is definitely making his mark! And rumour has it that he is now bringing The Late Late Show to the UK…watch this space.

Next time it is your turn to take to the karaoke, make sure your voice is on point. Check out these singing lessons online.