Chromatic Harmonica Lessons Online

Chromatic Harmonica Lessons Online – What Is A Chromatic Harmonica?

Chromatic harmonica lessons online aren’t for beginners. If you are just starting out with learning the harmonica, you should opt for a diatonic harmonica. Once you have mastered this instrument, you can then move onto a chromatic harmonica. Read on to discover more about this.

If you learn to play all positions on your diatonic harmonica, you will be able to transition to a chromatic harmonic with greater ease. Once you have taken enough harmonica lessons online to perfect your craft, you will be able to play just about any mode or scale using the ‘gearshift’ on a chromatic harmonica. What is the gearshift? Well, the harmonica has two separate reed plates. These plates incorporate all notes found on the 12-tone western scale. There is a button-activated lever, which we’ve referred to as the gearshift, that directs air into these two reed plates. When compared with diatonic counterparts, chromatic harmonicas can be harder to overblow and bend because of the bigger reeds contained within. This means that they can produce some very rich sounding effects and chords. You can also play the lightning-fast melodic runs and complex jazz scales that are associated with this type of music. This is something that Toots Thielman mastered. Blues harp players like Rod Piazza and Littler Walter have also generated fat tones using chromatics. The options are endless and this is definitely the next step up once you have mastered the diatonic version.

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