December 7, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

You’ve put in the practice, hour upon hour. You’ve stayed up late, just to perfect that riff and both your brain and your fingers are now hurting. Finally the big day has arrived and you are feeling confident that your performance is going to go well. However as you play, you realise your instrument is not quite in tune. A schoolboy error indeed but it can be avoided with Cleartune.


Cleartune is an app designed to take the hassle out of tuning your instrument. It can be used in two major ways. Firstly you can play a note and watch the wheel or graph indicate if the pitch is above or below where it should lie. Alternatively you can input the tone on the app and then tune your instrument to the sound.

Of course there are other tuning apps available but Cleartune is more flexible and goes beyond the basics. It is ideal for guitar, bass, wind, string or brass!

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