How difficult can it be to choose a Harmonica?

How difficult can it be to choose a Harmonica?
February 8, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

Whilst we were recently reviewing a new site offering harmonica lessons online, we came across a page called Ian Chadwick harmonica reviews. At Learn Music Guide Online we understand that no two instruments are the same….however we were surprised at the extent of choice when it comes to purchasing a harmonica.

Ian Chadwick has seemingly invested heavily in his research and his reviews cover a wide range of manufacturers including Hering, Huang and Hohner.

Reading the reviews made us question which are the most recommended harmonicas available on the market.

Toy Harmonica

These type of harmonicas are aimed at children. They are usually brightly coloured and have a brass reed plate. Whilst they will often play in tune to begin with, quality is not consistent and perhaps best avoided for somebody looking to play the instrument seriously.

Budget Harmonica

If you are looking to play the harmonica seriously but don’t want to pay too much, consider the Hohner Silver Star. Made in China, this is one of the most common harmonicas available.

Intermediate Harmonica

Opt for a Suzuki Harpmaster. A relatively new instrument on the market but highly regarded by those who have played it.

Premium Harmonica

The Seydel 1847 features stainless steel reeds and well rounded holes in the wooden comb. A very well regarded instrument.

Buying a harmonica requires just as much thought as investing in a more expensive instrument. To access reviews on sites for learning harmonica online, click here.

Or visit Ian’s more extensive reviews of Harmonicas – click here.