Donald Gould – Marine to Musician

Donald Gould – Marine to Musician
December 30, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

At Learn Music Guide we love a heartwarming story, particularly as we near the season of goodwill. We have covered the story of a homeless man making music with pots and pans and street performers who have literally stopped people in their tracks. Click here to read more.

And today we celebrate Sarasota’s Donald Gould! Until 12 months ago, Donald was homeless and living on the streets. After the death of his wife he struggled with drug addiction which led to him being homeless.

Donald’s luck began to change when public pianos were installed in the streets os Sarasota! Passers by were amazed by his natural musical talent and when somebody decided to record and upload him to YouTube, he received over 2 million hits in just two days.

From there everything started to roll. ABC news wanted to interview him and it was revealed that he had been a music student but when he could no longer afford the tuition, he was forced to give it up.

He then got married and was previously a marine. Things spiralled when his wife died due to depression and drugs and their three year old son was taken away.

Donald is now back on speaking terms with his son, has received funds from a crowdfunding effort and is really getting his life back on track. He also spoke of his interest in teaching kids to play. He says he encourages them to play the white keys and ensures they know they have done a good job, however bad it actually sounded.

If you are learning to play the piano online, remember this is a skill which will last you for your whole lifetime. For Donald Gould it turned out to be more valuable than he could ever have imagined.

Donald Gould performing “Valse Sentimentale”