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Drums Lessons Online – The Greatest Drummers Of All Time

Drums lessons online are widely available for those who envision themselves becoming the next big thing. From Dave Grohl to Buddy Rich, there have been some incredible drummers over the years who are bound to be a great source of inspiration during your drum lessons online. Read on to discover more about some of the best.

There is only one place to begin, and this is with Buddy Rich. After all, he was outplaying some of the world’s most famous drummers by the time he was three years old, and this is no exaggeration. He was the second highest paid child star across the globe at this point. Next we have Travis Barker, who is mainly known for his time with Blink 182. You may be surprised to discover that his first love was swing and jazz music. Dave Grohl is another drummer with an exceptional reputation in the industry. While he is mainly known for his work with Nirvana, he has also played drums for Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Queens of the Stone Age, and Iggy Pop. We also have to mention Mitch Mitchell, the drummer who backed the famous Jimi Hendrix throughout his incredible guitarist career. After Hendrix died, Mitchell then went on to play with the likes of Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and John Lennon. Finally, we have Neil Peart, who sent his career soaring to new heights when he became a full-time member of Rush.

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