Is it too early to do a best of 2016 music?

Is it too early to do a best of 2016 music?
October 21, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Hands up, it is admittedly rather a little to early to be doing a best and worst of 2016 music! However, we just thought that by doing a quick round up, you could get a quick idea if there is anything you have missed out on, good or bad. Check out the list below.

Sia This – Is Acting


In a world where everyone is clamouring to be famous, Sia is doing the exact opposite. Whilst the naysayers believe this in itself to be contrived and ironically a bid to further her fame, her eagerness to do everything in exact opposition to what the A Listers do, is somewhat intoxicating. The songs on this album are fearless. Who would dare take on a song turned down by the modern day greats such as Adele or Beyonce? Sia, that is who. She strips the songs right back and launches an alternative but fascinating album.

Jeff Buckley -You and I


Raw talent at its very best. The album is melancholic and saddening, but his self assured attitude towards his music makes this work. See our next recommendation for something to up lift your spirits.

Mavis Staples – Livin On A High Note


The objective for this album was to release joyful new songs, and Staples delivers. The songs are warm, comforting and the voice is the classic gospel, funk and soul blend we have come to expect!

Gwen Stefani- This Is What The Truth Feels Like


Gwen Stefani die hard fans will love it! Why? It is upbeat and bright! But is it groundbreaking? Perhaps it lacks something more edgy, which is what we have come to expect from Gwen Stefani! However, still very much worth a listen.

Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo


Was self sabotage ever so evident? Clearly believing in his own hype, it seems the singer has become so obsessed with himself and his celebrity, he forgot to actually make pop music. Tune out!

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