Eigenharp – gadget or instrument?

Eigenharp – gadget or instrument?
August 1, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Here at Learn Music Guide, we love a good music gadget! In previous articles we have reviewed the original music pillow, the audio orb and the weirdly wonderful Wintergreen Marble Machine.

Indeed it seems that the more weird and the more wonderful a music gadget or instrument is, the more we love it. So for this article we have gone out of our way to find some more interesting gadgetry.

Ebony keys, Wed May 12, 2010, 7:11:02 PM, 16C, 3674x6160, (1008+630), 87%, bent 6 stops, 1/12 s, R48.6, G27.6, B49.7

The first question to answer is whether the Eigenharp is actually a gadget or an instrument? With costs escalating to over £4000, it might be more appropriate to call it an instrument, but we will let you decide.

So what is it, exactly? There are three versions of this instrument which incorporates 133 keys and two ribbon strips in order to create a tune. The instrument can be played by both hand and via the mouth, using the breath pipe.

The keyboard is sensitive to the pressure from the hands and the sound is truly unique. The manufacturers have incorporated keyboard, clarinet and cello concepts to create a small, hand held, game changing device.