End of the midnight record queue?

End of the midnight record queue?
November 24, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

Most of us, here at LMG, are old enough to remember the heydays of the midnight record queue in the 1990s.

Queueing during the night to be the first to get your hands on the latest album released by the likes of Michael Jackson and Oasis was commonplace. However, in the era of electronic downloads, and the place that electronics have taken as defining popular culture (just picture recent scenes of people queueing through the night for the latest release of the iPhone) and we can understand how record albums just don’t define us, quite so much, as they did before.

Adele’s new album ‘25’ is expected to be the highest selling album of the year, however, you won’t see people queueing up all night to get their hands on it. Some say this is progress, some reminisce with a sense of loss. Whatever your thoughts are, Adele’s new album is fantastic. You can download your copy from the link below today or, if you would prefer, you can always queue up outside your local record store at midnight just don’t blame us if you get arrested 🙂

Adele – 25

adelle 25