Find guitar strap locks, even when the shops are shut

Find guitar strap locks, even when the shops are shut
May 12, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Imagine the scene. You’re at your first ever gig, the band have practiced the hell out of the set, and all your guitar effects pedals are symmetrically lined up.

The drummer counts you in, you go to unleash the power of your first chord, and whoomp, your guitar strap falls off your strap button, and your treasured Gibson Flying V goes falling to the ground faster than a top flight footballer.

What happened, too much power? Perhaps, but also you didn’t think to get strap locks to keep your monogrammed leather guitar strap in place, a present from your adoring other half, and now you’ve lost your confidence. No longer can you prowl the stage like Angus Young, or a young Wilko Johnson. Instead, you’ve been reduced to sitting on a stool as if you were in a folk band.

So now you’re thinking, how do I carry on the gig, how do I regain that confidence? By leaning over the two friendly looking revellers in the front row, and asking if you can use their Grolsch bottle tops.


That’s right, those little red rubber saviours on the pop cap are the answer to all of your prayers. The most effective free solution keeping guitar straps in place, and electric guitarists happy, the world over.

Just pop them over the end of your strap button when your strap’s back in place and hey presto you’ve got supreme strap security, without having to search online for best guitar strap lock or guitar strap locks reviews.

Keep your guitar safe, and prowl the stage once more with confidence!

  • LJ Moran

    Absolute genius, guitar strap security was something that never really flashed up on my radar until I bought an electric guitar, heavier, much better looking and considerably more expensive than its acoustic brother, the idea of a strap popping loose doesn’t bear thinking about. who would have thought that all I needed to do to increase its safety exponentially was drink a nice old German beer..
    Or preferably two with a couple to spare in my gig bag.
    Gods bless you LMG.