Flute Learning Online

Flute Learning Online – How To Assemble The Flute

Flute learning online is something that more and more people consider nowadays. Not only is the flute a beautiful instrument, but also it is one that can be used across many genres, making it very versatile. If you want to learn how to play the flute, you will need to know how to put it together.

Firstly, if you are going to learn flute online, it is important to recognise that the flute is split into three parts. The head joint is the top part of the flute. This is where the lip plate or the mouthpiece is located. You then have the body, which is the part with the most keys. At the top of the body you will find the tenon or the barrel, which is where the head joint goes in. Finally, the end is the foot join. When you put the sections together, do not grab the flute’s keys or rods. If you do this, you can damage the flute’s functioning, as you can bend the keys and the rods. So, now you are ready to put your flute together for your online music lessons. Hold the barrel of the flute to put the foot joint in. Make sure you are not clamping the keys when you hold the end of the foot joint. Simply do a twist and push motion and the foot joint will slide on. Next, align the foot joint to the middle of the keys of the body. Now, to attach the head joint, do the same thing. But do not clutch the mouthpiece when doing so, as this can bend it. Finally, align the mouth hole, known as the bore, with the first key of the body.

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