Flute Lessons Online For Beginners

Flute Lessons Online For Beginners – Looking After Your Flute

Flute lessons online for beginners are an option well worth considering if you are ready to learn how to play this incredible instrument. However, as well as knowing how to play the flute, you also need to know how to look after it. After all, you want your flute to look good and sound spectacular for as long as possible.

Let’s begin with cleaning the inside of your flute. Nowadays, most new flutes will come with a cleaning gauze or swab, which can be used to eliminate the moisture inside the instrument. If your flute did not come with this, simply use an absorbent cloth. You will also need a cleaning rod. Now, to clean the outside of your flute for your online music lessons you simply need to rub with a plain cloth to brighten up the instrument and remove fingerprints. Some people use toothpaste, yet this could actually wear through your flute’s silver coating. One thing you may have noticed is that your flute ‘dribbles’, i.e. moisture comes from the keys or out of the end of it. This is nothing to worry about; it is only condensation. Another tip is to make sure you never use Vaseline or cork grease on the joints of the flute. Hire a professional instrument repairer if you need the keys oiled. Finally, to avoid tarnish, you can use an anti-tarnish strip or a silver protector strip and place it inside the case. Nevertheless, tarnish will not impact the sound when you learn flute online.

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