Get the party started with Soundboks

Get the party started with Soundboks
September 15, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Does the party never truly start until you turn up? Do you always want to be where the party is at? The new Soundboks speaker allows you to start the party anywhere, anytime…come rain, hail or shine!

Most portable speakers are limited in terms of output. And to ensure they are long lasting, the need for a power supply is never far away. Soundboks is a solution to all these problems, delivering 30 hours of nightclub level decibels after a single charge! Take note, permits may be required.

If you are planning an epic party at the beach or in a garden, this one speaker is guaranteed to get the dance floor busy,

Customer designed amplifiers help to boost battery life while optimising the sound for outdoor use. The Soundboks literally has the ability to recreate the feeling of being at a live concert!


So it is heavy?

You might think that a speaker with such capacity would have a considerable weight, however at 32 lb it is not much heavier than average hand luggage. The speaker is carefully manufactured from plywood and aluminium, which is both lightweight, shock proof and weather resistant.

Soundboks uses lithium-ferrophosphate batteries which are safe and only need three hours to charge.

Are there any negatives? The product does come at quite a price, £600 to be precise, which does seem fairly hefty when you can buy other great portable speakers from around £200. Additionally, sound quality is a little compromised, but you are paying for the decibels and for the fact that you can run into any field in the great outdoors and start up your own party! Well, in theory.

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