Glastonbury 2016 On Brexit

Glastonbury 2016 On Brexit
July 14, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Main image: (AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL) LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

The Glastonbury kick off, was tinged with mixed emotions this year. It wasn’t that rain stopped play, or that much anticipated headliners had backed out last minute, it was something a little more political and it had everybody talking. Had it really just happened? Had we voted out of the EU? Some were ready to celebrate, but 84% of the youngish Glastonbury crowd had voted to remain, and they seemed far from happy with the baby boomer generation, whom they largely blamed for the results.

And there was no escapism in the form of music. The stars of the show were equally ready to voice their opinions from the stage. They proclaimed that Brexit represented everything that Glastonbury is not, they talked about compassion, social responsibility and loving each other! Finally, they got on with the music….

In other ways, this was a typical Glastonbury! It rained, it rained before the first tent was even pitched and then it simply got worse. Event organiser Michael Eavis said that it was the worst weather and mud he had seen in the 26 year history of the festival.

So what about the music, was it murky and muddy, just like the weather and the politics? Thankfully not! Shura kept electro disco beats lighthearted, cutely quipping in between tracks whilst Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell glittered in a metallic gold dress and was extremely thankful to the supporting crowds, hugging and embracing fans in thanks. Finally, Matthew Healey proved why his pop status continues to elevate, rocking a white linen flared suit his performance was first class, even though he dropped the F bomb on more than one occasion!

If Glastonbury gave out trophies, it is obvious that Adele would be the one to lift it. Her emotive ballads and upbeat soul simply wowed the crowds. Nodding towards Brexit, she also told the crowd that this is a time we need to look after each other and with PM’s quitting and party leaders running off into the sunset, we have a feeling she might be right. It is time to face the music.

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