Harmonica Online Lessons

Harmonica Online Lessons – Tips For Beginners

Harmonica online lessons are available for those who are trying out the instrument for the first time. If you have no prior knowledge of playing the harmonica, or any other instrument for that matter, don’t fret. It is never too late to start learning! Below, we will provide you with some top tips on learning the harmonica for beginners.

Firstly, make sure you listen to as much harmonica as you can. While you may want to dive straight in and practise on your harmonica throughout your entire online music lessons, it is important to study your theory and to seek inspiration from videos. It is also important to make sure you do not try and play music straight away. What we mean is that you should start out by establishing good habits on single notes and concentrating on other basic techniques, such as holding the harmonica correctly. When enjoying your harmonica lessons online, don’t get stressed. It is important to be relaxed while you practise and play to ensure you don’t use your energy inefficiently, which will stop you from playing longer and faster. You should also try to practise every day, even if it is only 15 minutes. This is more effective than doing one large practice session per week. Another handy hint is to lick your lips and the mouthpiece whenever you find that your lips are sticking to the harmonica when you move from hole to hole.

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