Have you had your five a day?

Have you had your five a day?
May 25, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Serious musicians can be very precious about protecting their instruments, ensuring they don’t get damaged in any way which could effect the sound. And this is quite correct, buying a new instrument can be very costly! But what if you could just GROW another one.

Serkan Cagri is becoming something of an online music legend! In his videos he can be seen playing a variety of instruments including a hollowed out cucumber, carrot and courgette. The sound is unbelievable and he is winning an army of fans who are enticed by his unusual approach to playing classical music.

Here is Serkan Cagri playing something more traditional!

  • LJ Moran

    Wow, what a great article, it seems with time, skill and patience a person can get lovely sounds out of almost anything, the fact that you can combine lunch with a little jazz medley only adds to the attraction, and of course you can eat your mistakes, it makes me wonder, in earlier times before the evolution of instruments as we know them, how many fell by the wayside as impractical or were usurped by other early instruments.
    It gives the phrase ‘playing with your food’ a whole other meaning..