Hit the right notes this Christmas!

Hit the right notes this Christmas!
November 27, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

What are the little loves in your life requesting this Christmas? Is your household still about all things Frozen? Or have you moved along to the more pricey items made by the unmentionable company that sounds like it sells fruit? You know the one! Got it now?

As we love all things musical, we think the idea of buying a child an instrument for Christmas is beyond brilliant! You are giving them the chance to learn a skill which could last them a lifetime. And we know just the place for them to start. An electric “Loog” guitar only has three strings! Genius! Instead of your little ones getting disheartened whilst their tiny fingers try to master scales and chords, this three string version helps them to make sense of what they are playing and encourages them to keep learning.


Helping your child to learn a guitar can be a truly rewarding experience and can help strengthen that beautiful bond. There is even an app to assist your child, with video lessons which will get your child playing from day one.


Visit the Loog guitar website to find out more.

  • Derek Anchan

    I wonder what they’d come up with next. I never thought one could play the guitar with just three strings. Technology is truly a boon, and when designers let their imaginations run wild, they can come up with exceptional ideas. I can imagine a 5-year-old trying out six strings. It would probably be too much to expect. Three is a more reasonable figure I guess.

  • Garry Crick

    Good idea but what’s wrong with a 3/4 guitar!