How to improve posture whilst playing violin

How to improve posture whilst playing violin
January 10, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

Have you ever analysed the posture of a successful violinist. Their deportment has a certain confidence which makes the audience relax in the knowledge that the musician knows what they are doing. Carrying yourself with the same conviction, is perhaps easier said than done, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Standing Position

If there is one tip you should remember about the standing position, it is that your arms do the moving and your legs stand still! No walking…not for the beginning! The violin rests on the left side and so your weight should be to that side. Your knees are not locked,but slightly bent. If your right leg does move forward, remember to return to the upright position.

For Sitting Position

The main key is to stay upright, without spreading the legs to far apart. Never slouch. Pay particular attention to the bow, if you are playing in front of a music stand do you have enough space to actually play?

Holding The Violin

Professionals avoid the shoulder rest. The correct position is to hold the violin on the collar bone, with the left shoulder slightly under the violin. The left elbow is inwards and well under the instrument and the fingers of your left hand should now be in the ideal position. The violin is sometimes played with it resting on the fleshy part of the left thumb and at times the chin is in a downward position. The thumb should always be free to glide.

Stand Tall

Stand tall and relax the neck. Keeping in an upright position will make breathing easier and avoid unwanted grunting noises.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your arms or neck, then you are not holding the instrument correctly. Try to analyse what the problem could be and change your stance.

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