Jamit – Jameasy for the Violin

Jamit – Jameasy for the Violin
December 2, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

At Learn Music Guide we like to bring you the up to date news on the newest music apps and gadgets. From the really useful Music Memo, to the pocket size Bagpipe, we have reviewed the best and the bizarre. And today, we are talking about a gadget which is not yet available on the market.

Finding apps and gadgets to help with music lessons online is easy if you are learning to play guitar or piano, but what about the violin?

Although not yet available on the market, Jamit is specifically aimed at violin players.

The gadget has been presented at various music exhibitions around the world. It is a small black device which sits on the bridge of a standard violin. It is then connected by bluetooth to an android and app and measures how effectively you are playing, basically highlighting and feeding back on your mistakes.

This app is just one part of the Jamit package. There are also a range of songs and lessons, which are presented in a video game progression fashion, so basically you need to complete one level successfully before you will be allowed to access the next! A great way to get reluctant children to practise their instrument.

When you choose to play a song from the Jamit library, you truly are spoilt for choice. The music features classical, pop and some rock music. You can set the speed of the song, activate a metronome and even opt for background piano music.

We have not yet seen this app/gadget for sale, but as soon as we do, you can be guaranteed to be the first to know.

  • Karen Scotland

    What a fantastic idea and an amazing gadget. It would be the perfect compliment for me when I am doing my online lessons!
    If this can come onto the market at an available price, I would buy it in an instant. LMG if you want to offer them a trial in return for advertising, I’ll trial it for you! I never get to hear of things like this so glad I was having a mooch round the website