Lazarus Music News

Lazarus Music News
September 8, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

It is no news that here at Learn Music Guide we are particularly fond of David Bowie! So when we read that David Bowie’s movie Lazarus was on it’s way to Kings Cross Theatre, London…we needed to find out all about it.

The musical was released on Broadway in December 2015, just prior to Bowie’s death from cancer. The play is based on Walter Tevis’ best selling novel, The Man Who Fell To Earth and features some Bowie classics alongside songs specifically composed for the musical.


Of course true Bowie fans will be familiar with the story for even if you have not read the novel, it is likely that you will have seen the film in which David Bowie starred. For the uninitiated a brief synopsis goes something like this!

In a search for water for his dying planet, an alien comes to earth. The government run experiments on him and he lives a miserable reclusive life until a girl offers a glimmer of hope by helping him to escape planet earth….but is all as it seems?

Will it be any good?

Whilst we would advise on making your own mind up, we dug about a bit and had a look at what the critics on broadway had to say. We have summarised this below.

Don’t go with the expectation of seeing a conventional movie! This isn’t a linear plot with clearly defined characters, a beginning, a middle and an end. Try to tune in to what the characters are saying or otherwise you will be completely lost, admittedly this can be difficult when you become immersed in great Bowie hit after great Bowie hit!


As an audience, you won’t be leaving whistling a happy tune and feeling uplifted, at times the plot is a little depressive. Allow the visuals and the songs to take you over.

Fans can catch the musical between 25 October 2016 and 22 January 2017! It is expected to be a huge success so booking early is advised – click here.

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