Learn To Play Flute Online

Learn To Play Flute Online – Why Should Sax Players Also Learn The Flute?

Learn to play flute online as a saxophone player and there are many benefits you can reap. You may have already noticed that quite a lot of sax players also play the flute – something that is known as a ‘double’. Also, a lot of sax parts incorporate segments that are written for the flute, especially in big bands.

But if you never intend to play in a big band, why should you learn flute online? One great benefit you will gain is improved breathing and control of breath. This is something that a lot of saxophone players cover up. However, once you switch to the flute, any deficiencies will be very apparent. By learning the flute and rectifying these mistakes, your sax playing will improve phenomenally. In addition to this, flute music is playable on the saxophone, and vice versa. This is because the fingerings and register are almost identical. If you have taken some time off from playing, the flute is a good instrument to start with when working your way back in. If you come straight back to the saxophone it can be hazardous to your lips. This is because you will have lost the callous that protects them. This is not an issue with the flute because there is no pressure from the teeth. Last but not least, flute online music lessons can really help you with your voicing because the flute does not have a register key. This allows you to become more precise with your voice notes because you are able to practise the same overtone exercises, as both instruments have the same overtone series.

If you want to learn to play flute online, whether you are a saxophone player or not, Learn Music Guide can assist. We have gathered all resources required to master this instrument. If you would like to get started, all you need to do is check out our website at http://learnmusic.guide/.