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Learn To Play Piano Online – Common Piano Practice Mistakes

Learn to play piano online and you could find yourself becoming the next Ludwig van Beethoven or Lang Lang. But if you plan to be a star, you will need to ensure you don’t fall into the common piano practice mistakes you may make during your online music lessons. Read on to discover the frequent errors that need to be avoided.

First and foremost, you should try to avoid looking at your hands excessively while you are playing. It can be tempting to do so, but if you look at your hands constantly while you are learning, you are not looking at your sheet music. It is therefore likely that you are going to be learning a piece of music with mistakes built into it. Of course, you can look down occasionally, but you should be looking at your music for the majority of the time. Another common error is practising too fast. Remember, you will learn piano online quicker the slower you go. If there is a section that you are struggling with, practise it slowly until you have made a mental note of each note. Another error is always starting from the beginning of the piece. This often results in students becoming exceptional at the first part of the piece, but then their performance deteriorates as it progresses. You should spend time targeting weak sections, instead of running through the piece from the beginning every time. Moreover, when you have a mastered a section, do not play this faster than the rest of the piece. If you vary the tempo unnecessarily, it only highlights where you are struggling.

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