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This old barbaric music has magic in it. It transforms the Gael. It reawakens in the depths of their being … – Michael MacDonagh, 1916

Where do I start with learning the Bagpipes?

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It has often been said that music is more effective than words and here is a very fine example. A few months ago a hate preacher took to the streets of St. Andrews in Scotland. He was preaching anti-Muslim and anti- LGBT sentiments. However a nearby bagpiper strolled up the street and began circling the preacher, consequently drowning out his “sermon”. The surrounding crowds clapped the actions of the bagpipers and the preacher was soon collected by the police. What a great way to use your instrument.

Before embarking upon learning the bagpipes, it is likely that you will be given well intended advice. A lot of this advice will be along the lines of how difficult the instrument is to learn and the fact that is challenging both physically and mentally. Whilst this might be true, seven year old Luke Stewart, in the US, has taken to playing the bagpipes like a duck takes to water.

When Luke’s dad started to learn the bagpipes, Luke wanted to learn too, quite a challenge for once so small. However little more than a year later and Luke has mesmerised over 24 songs and made headlines around the world. A legendary instrument and a legendary little boy. Well done Luke Stewart.

  • Bagpipes?! Woudn’t really work practicing in a terraced property would it???? 🙂