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The Harmonica is the world’s best-selling musical instrument. You’re welcome – Bob Dylan


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The Harmonica is perhaps synonymous with buskers and homeless people living on the streets. Largely this is due to the harmonica being relatively cheap to buy and the ability to learn it quite quickly. In this video we see a passer by join the homeless man and start beat boxing with his very own harmonica. The playing soon attracts attention and at the end the crowd is encouraged to drop money in the homeless person’s cap. Just another act of human kindness brought about by a musical instrument.

We love looking for inspirational stories and this one really got us smiling. Eight year old Aidan Hornaday is not only an accomplished harmonica player but is using his talents to raise money for African orphans. Sitting on the street in a very cute tie, cardigan and flat cap, Aidan is as cute as a button, indeed his older brother suggested he should keep the money whilst his cuteness lasts. Yet Aidan truly has a big heart and to date he has raised over 3000 dollars to buy drugs against internal parasites to treat African orphans.

Keep up the good work Aidan!

To appreciate the skills of this little boy you really do not need a written description, just eyes, ears and a heart. Cole Moran has a cognitive disability which makes it difficult for him to process information easily and he is also blind. And yet this has not deterred this beautiful child from following in his father’s footsteps and learning to play the harmonica. Not only can he play the instrument, he is phenomenal. Just listen.