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Oboe (noun); God’s gift to the Woodwind Section … – Anon

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If you are considering learning to play the Oboe it is great to draw inspiration from world class Oboe players. In this video we meet Albrecht Mayer, oboist with the Berliner Philharmoniker orchestra. Albrecht has been widely praised by both audiences and critics. His success his perhaps down to his ability to find new repertoires for his instrument and bring the oboe into the mainstream.

For example, he managed to take Handel’s New Season into the German pop charts with his oboe rendition, a mean feat when you consider the many critics of the oboe who have suggested that the instrument has a dreadful tone. Albrecht has won many awards including the Echo Prize by the German Phono- Akademie and was inducted into the Gramophone Hall of Fame during 2013.

When thinking about Kenny G, it is most likely that we think about him as a saxophonist, after all that is what he is famous for, correct? Yes and no, Kenny has enjoyed much success as a saxophone player but did you know that he also plays the oboe? Whilst many of us spend years trying to master just one instrument Kenny G is seemingly more than a saxophonist. In this video he shows us how to master circular breathing on the oboe, which involves breathing whilst holding a note. And the most annoying thing, he makes it look oh so easy.