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Yes I play the Cello. No, it is not an oversized Violin – Anon

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When we think about playing a new instrument, we often focus on how much practice we need to put in. With some instruments we need to break it down to ensure we don’t hurt our fingers or our mouths. However when Carel Henn broke the Guinness Book of Records for cello playing he had played for an astonishing 26 hours! This really puts our 60 minute practice sessions to shame, doesn’t it?

In the video we see the musician playing some fairly simple tunes on his Cello. The player has only been learning for twelve months and his skills are good. However, the really motivational part of this video is that when you click in the top left corner, the link takes you to a second video. This video features the same guy but with 2 years experience, the contrast is amazing. In the first video the tunes were just about recognisable but in the second video his true talent shows through. This sequence of videos demonstrates what we can achieve with just a little hard work.