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Where do I start with learning the acoustic guitar?

At some point or other we have all sat down with a guitar and tried to strum a good tune, usually when we have had a beer/wine or two! However if you are interested in playing the guitar seriously, where do you start? The first point to remember is that learning the guitar and loving the guitar are two different things. Some people will simply learn from a teacher whilst others are more creative in developing their own sound and style. Which one will you be?

If you are considering playing the electric guitar, it is a good idea to start with the acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar is easy to transport and so you will be able to practice anywhere. Additionally you will build up calluses on your fingers which will make shredding much easier on an electric guitar. For our guide on starting out with the electric guitar, click here.

When learning to play the guitar it is a good idea to use a tutor and online resources. Carefully select your guitar teacher. Discuss your short and long term goals. Consider how much they charge for lessons, if it is really cheap and seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you are unsure ask a friend for a recommendation. Use online resources to develop your technique. Online websites such as Justin Guitar,  Guitarlessons.com and Andy Guitar have some excellent video tutorials – click on the links to visit our review pages for these websites.

Developing good basics skills for playing the acoustic guitar is imperative. Start by carrying out some research. Which is your favourite acoustic guitar player? How good are they? Can you do better? Really understand your instrument and how they work together to create sounds. Think about how the tension of the strings effects the sound. Also consider your music reading capabilities. Could they be better?

Before starting to learn any instrument it is always advisable to do a little research and take onboard some advice.

Therefore we have put together a few tips of our own to help you on your way.

  1. Place your guitar in a prominent place in your home, that way it is more accessible for you and you will be more tempted to pick it up and play.
  2. If you don’t read music don’t be put off. Guitar music tabs are perfect for beginner as they literally tell you where to put your fingers when playing. Many guitar tabs can be found online – click here to search.
  3. Don’t spend too much money on your first guitar, there is time enough to splash out when you become more experienced. Take a look at some cheap guitars we have in our store – click here.

One of the tips above suggests that you should not spend too much on your first guitar. Whilst this is correct, the opposite is also true, spend too little and you could be faced with an array of problems. There are various key factors to consider when choosing your instrument. Consider the size of the guitar, is it for a child? Pick a finish that you really like as that way you will be inspired to play it.

When considering how long you need to practice for each day, you need to bear in mind the physical aspect. Beginners will suffer with sore fingers to begin with and it is important not to race ahead and cause any real damage. Aim for fifteen minutes a day and then build it up gradually as you go along.

As always, we suggest you have fun first .. you’ll be learning without realising it!

Good luck 🙂


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