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The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind. – Maria Cristina Mena

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Robert Estrin is a concert pianist and piano historian. He gets lots of calls from people looking to buy a Piano for their children to learn on. As adults we want to inspire our children and so a lot of these calls also turn into a question about finding a Piano teacher for the parents as well as their children. What better way to help our children learn than to learn the Piano ourselves?

The video below explores the most common worry faced by anyone, past a certain age, looking to learn an instrument for the first time: ‘Is it too late to learn?’ Of course the answer is no, but lets hear Robert explain in a little more detail:

Nicholas McCarthy’s story is one of sheer determination and the courage to overcome any barrier. Born in 1989 without his right hand, Nicholas was inspired, at the age of 14, to become a concert pianist. Having been told that he would never succeed he was not discouraged and indeed went on to study at the Royal College of Music in London. Fast forward to today, Nicholas tours the world playing at prestigious venues to a sold-out house.

Listen to Nicholas tell his incredible story below.

  • Wow what an inspiring story..just shows you that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it.