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David Young has an unusual talent that is truly inspiring. Back in the 90s, Young was playing in Venice beach alongside a beautiful female harp player, who liked to hog the limelight. Not happy being left in the shadows, David Young decided he needed to step up his game. Consequently he amazingly taught himself to play two recorders at the same time.

For most people, mastering one instrument at a time is quite a feat, but David Young shows us what can be achieved when you really try.

Many people presume that the recorder is an instrument reserved for primary school children playing their own version of “Three Blind Mice”. There are not many adults that learn to play the recorder, possibly as they don’t realise its full potential. In the video below we see Perkelt, a Celtic band who have played 400 gigs across the world. In the first part of the video the recorder solo is astonishing. This video highlights the skill and technique which is required for accomplished recorder playing.