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Don’t play the saxophone, let the saxophone play you. – Charlie Parker

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Mauro Senise is a celebrated, Latin GRAMMY winner saxophonist. He wasn’t born with a saxophone in his hand, in fact he hadn’t even picked up a saxophone till the grand age of 20! The Rio born musician might be considered as a late bloomer but in the last four decades he has enjoyed a remarkable career. Mauro Senise has worked with important artists such as Wagner Tiso, Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti.

Many budding musicians believe they have to start at a very young age in order to enjoy success. Mauro Senise proves this is not the case. Whilst children may have the advantage of time, adults have life experience to draw on and this can be a great help in learning.

Julian Smith had been a musician for many years without receiving any real recognition. Graduating from Birmingham Conservatorie he went to teach at Sandwell MBA, played in the orchestral pit for a variety of musicals and worked with a band touring restaurants and bars in the Midlands. In 2009 he entered Britain’s got talent and achieved the second runner up placement. Over 700,000 people picked up the telephone to vote for him.

Julian Smith was already 39 when he entered Britain’s Got Talent. Since then Sony released his album “Chilled 2 the sax”.