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What we play is life. – Louis Armstrong

Where do I start with learning the Trumpet?

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Many of us are guilty of making up excuses as too why we will never be able to learn an instrument. Perhaps we blame our busy lives, stating that we won’t have time. Perhaps this next story will help us to realise that it is only ourselves who put obstacles in the way and if we really want to achieve something, we can make it happen.

Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes or the ability to fully straighten his arms or legs. Whilst many of us would begin to question what quality of life Patrick could have, Patrick was using determination and drive to realise his dreams. In 2006, blind and wheelchair bound, Patrick became a trumpet player for Louisville Cardinals marching band. His devoted father pushed his wheelchair around the field, spinning, jogging and completing complicated manoeuvres. Patrick, who cannot read music played beautifully.

Learning to play an instrument can be a very daunting experience. There seems to be so much to learn. You might be able to read the music and you might be able to play the notes, but when you have to put everything together it becomes near impossible. The key is to break everything down into smaller sections, just as in the video below.

By mastering one skill at a time you will soon realise that it is not perhaps as difficult as you first thought.