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I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin. – Albert Einstein, physicist and amateur violin player

Where do I start with learning the Violin?

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Learning to play the violin can be an arduous task. During practice sessions you may find yourself offending the ears of others around you and this may knock your confidence. Not being appreciated by our peers or being told that we should give up trying is undoubtedly off-putting. However, before you put down your violin for good, read this story and remember that people are often to busy to listen and to really appreciate what you are doing.

The video below is a true story which was part of a social experiment.

A violinist stood in Washington DC metro station and played six pieces for 45 minutes. In the time that passed, only six people stopped to listen and even then just for a very limited period of time. The man collected $32 and nobody applauded or recognised the talent. The violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the most talented musicians in the world, who two days before had sold out tickets at a Boston theatre for $100 per seat.”

See Joshua perform in his usual setting in the video below.

Am I too old to learn to play the violin?

There seems to be a common thought that to play an instrument well, you need to start at a very young age. This is particularly the case with the violin. Of course if you are looking to play at a professional level, that ship probably has sailed…but you can still play for enjoyment. In the video we see 47 year old Gerald, a beginner in learning the violin but already able to play at a basic level.

Gerald is one of the many people who has effectively taught himself to play violin with the help of online resources. He has clearly been putting the practice in, rehearsing in 20 minutes slots, twice a day. Gerald has also had two surgeries on his hands which make it even more difficult for him to play, but this has not discouraged him. He keeps a diary to keep himself motivated and encourages other people to have a go for themselves.