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Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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It might seem that having just one arm or having an arm with limited movement would seriously hinder one’s ability to play the trombone. However trombone players from around the globe are cleverly adapting traditional trombone stands to enable them to play the instrument. This inspirational story is about Craig Mulcahy. In the video, Craig is playing his trombone just hours after surgery on his shoulder.

With the help of the stand which he cleverly adapted, Craig is able to play the instrument he loves without the use of his left hand. Now that is pure dedication.

Toney High had been homeless for over five years. In that time he had become something of a permanent fixture outside Detroit sporting events where he would entertain the crowds with his trombone playing. In 2014 he was sadly mugged and his trombone and his glasses were stolen.

Yet in order to restore our faith in humanity the people of Detroit rallied round, with even Lions defensive Ziggy Ansah getting in on the act and ensuring that Toney’s trombone was replaced. What a lovely end to a heart breaking story!