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There’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. It makes you let your guard down. It brings out the child in all of us. – Jake Shimabukuro

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Are you thinking of learning a new instrument but are concerned that you might be too old? Think again. In this video we see Bill Tapia. At the time this video was shot (2009) Bill was 101 years old and leading a rendition of “All of Me”. His musical career had spanned more than 90 years and he had played with the troops in the First World War and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday and Bing Crosby. Finally, at the fabulous age of 100 he released his last live album! Do you still think you are too old too get started?

To appreciate the skills of this little boy you really do not need a written description, just eyes, ears and a heart. Cole Moran has a cognitive disability which makes it difficult to process information easily and he also blind. And yet this has not deterred this beautiful child from following in his father’s footsteps and learning to play the harmonica. Not only can he play the instrument, he is phenomenal. Just listen.

As aspiring musicians we all have days when our practice session is not going as we wish. It can be very frustrating and we feel like throwing in the towel. However if you need motivation or inspiration then you don’t need to look any further. Dan Russell is a one handed ukulele player. In this video we see him running through a practice schedule of cords. We know that learning any new instrument can be hard but this just shows what can be achieved when we try. Well done this guy.