Is Leona Lewis the cat that got the cream?

Is Leona Lewis the cat that got the cream?
August 3, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Back in May this year we reported on a catty feud that had taken place between Nicole Sherzinger and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Apparently there had been a misunderstanding about Nicole’s commitment to a scheduled appearance in CATS on Broadway. Andrew was apparently more than a little bit miffed that Nicole had chosen to do the X Factor instead! However this turned out to be very good news for Leona Lewis who stepped into the breach!

Leona Lewis, an X Factor winner, plays Grizabella the glamorous cat of the musical.” Whilst Leona Lewis has enjoyed global success, selling over 20 million albums worldwide, this is her first appearance on a Broadway stage. The show is particularly close to the star’s heart as she recalls going to see the production as a small child.

Lewis said, “ “The classic Cats, which I saw when I was nine, was just so breathtaking and mesmerising, so it’s staying true to the original, but they’re injecting a bit of freshness into it, which I’m really excited about”.

Famously the role of Grizabella was originally played by Elaine Paige, who had stepped in to replace Dame Judi Dench who dropped out last minute after snapping her Achilles tendon.

The musical went on to be a fabulous success and until 2006 held the record for the longest running musical on Broadway, before being overtaken by The Phantom Of The Opera, also by Andrew Lloydd Webber.

And of course like any good musical, there is also a happy ending for Nicole and Andrew. Nicole recently stated that they had kissed and made up after she performed for him in Austria, singing Buenos Aires from Evita!

Sherzinger will now appear on the X Factor panel alongside the show stalwarts Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

One gets the feeling they thrive on the drama!

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