Are our lives set to get spiced up once more?

Are our lives set to get spiced up once more?
July 26, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Is this what fans really, really want? The Spice Girls have just announced that they are set to reunite, but this time 5 became 3. Yes, Geri, Emma and Mel B, have announced a reunion, commemorating their 20th anniversary as a band.

However they won’t be joined by international fashionista Victoria Beckham or Mel C. The trio has decided to rename themselves GEM, an acronym of the girls first initials. But before we get too excited about the girl power comeback…let’s take a walk down memory lane!

Mel B! AKA Scary Spice!

Perhaps the most bolshy of the five girls, Mel B made it clear she was not one to be messed with. She was energetic, up for it, ready to party at every moment! Her signature look included leopard crop tops and funky top nots.


Mel C! AKA Sporty Spice!

Mel C was perhaps accredited with having one of the better voices, there was a northern soul element to her tone and her tomboy appearance gave her the tag, Sporty Spice. Remembered for her fabulous high kicking dancing.

Victoria Beckham! AKA Posh Spice!

Although she was not particularly Posh at the start of her career, there was a different air about Victoria Beckham from the off. She dressed differently, she set herself apart and it seemed to work out for her. Looking at pictures of her back in the day, it seems a world away from the high life she now lives.

posh spice
Geri Halliwell, Ivor Novello Awards, Grosvenor House Hotel London UK, 16 May 2013, (Photo by Richard Goldschmidt)

Geri Halliwell! AKA Ginger Spice

Geri was the glue that kept the band together. The Union Jack dress is perhaps still one of the most famous icons associated with the band. She played hard, but she worked even harder and she is still reaping the results.

Emma Bunton! AKA Baby Spice

Aptly known as Baby Spice, Emma was the youngest and most naive of the girls. She appealed to the teeny boppers and she had the sweetest voice of the band.

baby spice

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