Mike Tompkins – songs made by voice

Mike Tompkins – songs made by voice
July 19, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

These days YouTube has the ability to enable somebody with just an ounce of talent to find their five minutes of fame. This has been true for Mike Tompkins, although somehow we think his fame might be a little longer lived.

Mike Tompkins is a singer who takes beat boxing to a whole other level. Based in Miami, Mike started beat boxing at the tender age of 8. He recalled running rhythms through his head whilst he played with his lego and his endless hits on YouTube, show his hard work is paying off.

The YouTube star has over a million subscribers and over 185 million views on his videos, his clips went viral and he was not even a known singer.

There is a very careful technical approach to what Mike does. The end piece is created by layering recordings over each other. This provides a musical underscore with Mike singing over the top.

The next question is whether Mike can make the transition from YouTube star to a mainstream artist, but what bands like Coldplay already taking a keen interest, we would advise to watch this space.