How did we miss this one? Kayleigh Rogers

How did we miss this one? Kayleigh Rogers
March 22, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

Hands up! Learn Music Guide really dropped the ball on this one! We are going to use the excuse that it was Christmas and we were distracted! However, we just felt this special little girl gave such a powerful performance, we needed to acknowledge her.

Back in 2016, the media reported on a very special school Christmas concert, featuring Kayleigh Rogers.

Kayleigh attends Killard House School in Donaghadee Northern Ireland. Kayleigh has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. Her headteacher actually describes Kayleigh as a quiet child, which seems hard to believe when you watch this fabulous video.

At Christmas last year, Kayleigh was suffering with a sore throat and had consequently lost her voice. She often sings at the First Presbyterian Church in Newtonards, but as she could not attend, her teacher decided to play a video clip of a pre-recorded performance at their Christmas Concert.

The emotional effect on the audience was obvious! Kayleigh performed the popular Leonard Cohen song . Her voice brought both smiles and tears to the gathered crowd.

After uploading her video to Facebook and YouTube, her performance was soon viewed by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, including Japan, Australia and America.

Her mum, Tracy, cannot praise the efforts of Kayleigh’s music teacher enough and suggests that without his input, her daughter would have never had the confidence to perform in such a way. She said that the music teacher had recognised Kayleigh’s talent very early on and that he had gently encouraged her to have the confidence to pursue her singing.

When questioned about what the future might hold for such a talented young lady, her mother said she hoped that there would be professional singing opportunities for her daughter. However she was also keen to highlight that whatever those opportunities might be, Kayleigh’s music teacher would very much have to be part of it, as he is Kayleigh’s rock.

The headteacher of the school also heaped praise on the performance, acknowledging that many of us have barriers, but they should never pour shade on our talents. The school specialises in aiding those who have autism or other children with special learning needs.

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