“Not Human”, Louisa Johnson Wins X-Factor 2016

“Not Human”, Louisa Johnson Wins X-Factor 2016
December 15, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

Over the years, X factor has had its fair share of critics. Many who don’t like the conveyer belt of mediocre talent and those that renounce its race to steal the number one Christmas spot. Perhaps its Simon Cowell’s power over the music industry that really gets on people’s nerves or maybe the show has just been running too long.

Whatever the issue, this year the X Factor has revealed a true and very talented star. One the Simon Cowell claimed could not be human and the public seemed to whole heartedly agree.

Introducing 17 year old Louisa Johnson, tipped as the bookies favourite right from the off. In the series finale, Louisa was up against novelty acts Reggie and Bollie who have been entertaining the crowds with their upbeat mash-ups week in, week out. In the series finale, Louisa performed two songs to the 10,000 strong audience and will now go on to release a cover of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young.

Tipped to be bigger than Leona Lewis, there is a bright future for Miss Johnson. Louisa hails from Essex and has been dreaming of winning the X Factor since she was a small child.
Well done Louisa, dreams really do come true.