Numark Lightwave

Numark Lightwave
September 26, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Are you the one that likes to impress at the party? Did you do the whole surround systems years ago? Does every one of your party guests know the benefits of SONOS? So what’s the next big thing?

Well, we are not claiming that this is the next big thing but we are claiming that it is pretty cool! Not only do these speakers offer great sound quality, even at higher levels, but they also have awesome lights! Literally light up your living room with these speakers, which beam along to the beat!


The speakers will work with everything including phones, laptops, keyboards. The lighting options are good, with different settings enabling you to set the mood of your party .

If your ears are really hard to please, this product might not be for you! You have to appreciate the fun it represents and not get hung up on the quality.

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  • Ivan Ivanoff

    Oh my god, just when I was looking into buying a set of speakers … This look simply amazing .. Granted they are a bit expensive for my budget, but I’m mesmerized .. Would definitely put them on my Christmas shopping list .. That’s a guarantee ..