Have One Direction actually split?

Have One Direction actually split?
July 29, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

And then there were….Well actually we have lost count of how many One Direction band members are actually left! They are supposed to be taking a hiatus break to experience new projects but from the outside, it looks like they are all heading in different directions!

The blame starts with Zayn Malik who was the first to jump ship. He left in March last year to carve out a solo career, with his debut album, Mind of Mine, which climbed to number one both in the US and UK.

Now we are hearing news that Liam Payne has plans to go solo as he signs a deal to join Capitol Records UK. Payne acknowledges the platform that One Direction has given him, selling more than 20 million albums as part of the band, but he is now keen to show the world what he can do as a solo artist.

So what is happening with Harry Styles? It is hardly likely that Harry could ever fade into the background and whilst he might have signed a solo deal with Colombia, he is currently turning his hand to acting, filming for the movie Dunkirk!

If all this seems a little doom and gloom, we must remember that many mega bands do split, only to reform! The Spice Girls recently announced their comeback, now to be two members short and named GEM, and is Robbie Williams really coming back to Take That for good? And ABBA is a reunion that we would all love to see, but we do think that it might be a little too good to be true!

Finally, it is reported that Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are both busy working on various projects, so perhaps now is the time to hone those musical skills and get set to audition to be part of the next big thing.

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